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Summit the Leadership Peak with
Doctor of Business Management

A flexible online programme that earns
you the title of “Doctor” in 3 years

5 days immersion at the Paris, France campus

CAMPUS: Online

DURATION:36 Months



The Rushford Doctor of Business Management (DBM) is an intensive 180 ECTS credits doctoral programme meticulously crafted to empower business students, managers, practitioners, and leaders with advanced knowledge, research acumen, and analytical skills tailored for the resolution of intricate business challenges. This DBM initiative is designed to instil a profound transformative learning experience, cultivating enhanced research skills and a distinct perspective on business situations. The overarching goal is to enable participants to apply sophisticated research methods, facilitating solutions that drive organizational efficiency, growth, and long-term sustainability.

This flexible yet rigorous programme is accessible entirely online, allowing students to determine their own pace of completion. While most participants are anticipated to achieve the qualification within three years, the research pathway may expedite the process, leading to qualification in less than three years.

The Rushford DBM hones in on applied research, facilitating real-time application of acquired knowledge by executives, managers, and practitioners within their respective organizations. Emphasizing expertise development across all facets of international business, the curriculum places a strong focus on enhancing research, writing, presentation, critical thinking, and change management skills.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be adept at:
  • Applying research methodologies to analyze business situations and tackle associated challenges.
  • Conducting primary and secondary research to comprehend intricate business challenges.
  • Applying a profound understanding of international business fundamentals and practices to forecast outcomes.
  • Mastering business communications at a high level.
  • Expressing complex ideas, strategies, plans, and tactics in a clear and effective manner.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in creating meaningful reports that utilize data collection, cleaning, interpretation, and engaging reporting through data visualization.
  • Engaging in academic and professional research activities that may culminate in publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Attaining high-level proficiency in applying robust research methodologies, study design, and study conduct to produce a thesis, a prerequisite for the conferring of the doctorate qualification at the culmination of the programme.

Key Programme Information

Cohort Commencement

01 August 2024

Last Date for Application Submission

25th July, 2024

Mode of Delivery

Blended (Online with 5 days On Campus Immersion)


12-15 hrs per week

Programme Highlights

Internationally Recognized Doctoral Degree

A “Doctorate” in the area of Business Management is potentially the most coveted and highest possible educational qualification for professionals, especially in the management domain. While Doctor of Business Management (DBM), as a formal degree, is not offered in India, DBM is recognised globally across multiple countries and allows the use of ' Dr. ' as a title to your name upon successful completion of the programme.

Alumni Status of an International Business School

Upon successful completion of the programme, get awarded with an authentic doctoral degree and gain the same Alumni status as Rushford’s regular on campus students.

5 Days On-Campus Immersion Session

Leverage the opportunity to meet and interact with your fellow coursemates and Rushford faculty and also experience Rushford’s modern campus at Paris, France during the 5 day on-campus immersion.

8 Specializations to Choose From

Candidates pursuing the coursework pathway get to choose from 8 areas of specialization including International Business, Finance, Healthcare Management, HRM, Marketing, SCM, Data Science and Big Data, which are amongst the most extensive options offered in a DBM programme.

1:1 Thesis Mentorship

Candidates of the DBM programme will be assigned Mentors who will guide and support you as you work through the course materials, complete the assignments and embark on your research journey. The Mentors will assist with every step along the way.

Live sessions with Rushford Business School Faculty

While primary form of study is typically self-paced, the DBM programme will also include live sessions and guest lectures to provide additional learning opportunities and engagement. These sessions may be optional to attend and are usually scheduled at a time that is convenient for most attendees.


Business Management Track - 30 ECTS

  • Managerial Skills
  • Leadership 2040
  • Business Economics
  • Global Business Landscape
  • Corporate Finance Analysis
  • Enterprise Strategy

Specialization Track (Choose any one Specialization Track) - 30 ECTS

Specialization Option 1 - International Business

  • International Business Strategy
  • Corporate Governance Framework
  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Financial Markets
  • Pioneering Market Forces
  • Innovation Development

Specialization Option 2 - Finance

  • Investments
  • International Banking
  • Derivatives - Options for the future
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Asset Capitalization for Emerging Ventures
  • Fintech: Foundations & Applications

Specialization Option 3 – Healthcare Management

  • Worldwide Public Health
  • Globalisation and Healthcare
  • eHealth Transformation
  • Health Econometrics
  • Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare
  • Strategic Financial Decision Making in Healthcare

Specialization Option 4 – Human Resource Management

  • Connected Leadership
  • Negotiation & Bargainiing
  • Leading Transformations: Managing Change
  • Human Resources for the People Manager
  • Business Ethics
  • Leading People & Teams

Specialization Option 5 - Marketing

  • Business and Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Management
  • Salesforce Operations
  • Pricing Strategy in Practice
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Neuromarketing

Specialization Option 6 – Supply Chain Management

  • Fundamentals of Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Value Chain Management
  • Investment & Portfolio Management
  • Freight and Transportation Management
  • Advanced Supply Chain Optimization
  • Procurement Analytics and Performance Optimization

Specialization Option 7 – Data Science

  • Foundations Python
  • Business Forecasting and Projections
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Predictive Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning

Specialization Option 8 – Big Data

  • Foundations Python
  • Business Forecasting and Projections
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Predictive Analysis
  • Big Data Foundation
  • Applications of Big Data

Research Track - 30 ECTS

  • Introduction to Academic Research
  • The Landscape of Literature Review
  • Research Design
  • Business Statistics
  • Designing a Quantitative Research Methodology
  • Designing a Qualitative Research Methodology

Written Proposal Defence (5000 words) – 20 ECTS

Doctoral Residency – 10 ECTS

Reflection & Minutes of the Meeting with Supervisor – 10 ECTS

Report Writing – 10 ECTS

Written Dissertation & Oral Defence (20000 to 25000 words) – 40 ECTS



  • Master’s or an equivalent academic title from a recognized College/University OR Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent academic title in any discipline from a recognized College/University with a minimum of 3 years of professional work experience.
  • English Proficiency - Medium of instruction during school and graduation should be English.

Application Process

  • Speak to our academic counsellors to gain a deeper understanding of the programme and how it could contribute to your career aspirations.
  • Ensure that your documents, specifically pertaining to educational qualifications and professional work experience, are validated by our counsellors and ascertain your scholarship eligibility.
  • Complete the Online Application Form
  • Your application will be evaluated for offer of admission by the Admission Committee. Upon selection, you will receive an Offer Letter from Rushford Business School confirming your admission into the DBM programme.
  • Confirm your Admission by making a down payment or remitting the applicable programme fee. Making a down payment allows you to confirm your offer acceptance while you seek financial assistance from loan partners.


TOTAL PROGRAMME FEE – USD 8500 (INR 6.99 Lacs all Inclusive)
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Fee Includes

  • Live Sessions by Faculty, as applicable
  • 1:1 Thesis supervision
  • 5 Days On-Campus Immersion sessions at Paris, France

Fee Does Not Include

  • Cost of travel, lodging and boarding at Paris, France for the 5 day On-Campus Immersion


  • Make a downpayment of Rs.25,000 /USD 300 at the time of application.
  • Avail upfront fee discount of Rs.1.49 Lakhs /~USD 1800 by making balance fee payment of Rs.5,25,000 /USD 6400 within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter.
  • Pay only Rs.5,50,000 /USD 6700 instead of Rs.6,99,000 /USD 8500
  • Make a downpayment of Rs.25,000 /USD 300 at the time of application.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter, pay Rs.2,75,000 /USD 3350.
  • Within 6 months from receipt of Admission Offer Letter, pay balance fee of Rs.3,00,000 /USD 3650
  • Pay only Rs.6,00,000 /USD 7300 instead of Rs.6,99,000 /USD 8500
  • Make a downpayment of Rs.25,000 /USD 300 at the time of application.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter, pay Rs.2,75,000 /USD 3350.
  • Pay interest free EMIs of Rs.25,000 per month for the next 12 months.
  • Pay only Rs.6,00,000 /USD 7300 instead of Rs.6,99,000 /USD 8500
  • Make a downpayment of Rs.25,000 /USD 300 at the time of application.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter, pay Instalment 1 of Rs.3,75,000 / USD 4550.
  • With 12 months from receipt of Admission Offer Letter, pay balance fee of Rs.2,99,000 /USD 3650
  • Total payable program fee is Rs.6,99,000 /USD 8500. Upfront Payment discount will NOT apply if you choose to pay through this Instalment option.

Upon successful completion of the evaluation requirements of the programme, candidates will be conferred with “Doctor of Business Management’ by Rushford Business School.

Accreditations & Memberships

EduQua Certified

Rushford is certified by EduQua, which is an agency of the Swiss government that monitors the quality of higher education institutions in Switzerland.

AACSB Member

AACSB International is a global association of leaders in education and business dedicated to supporting and advancing quality

5 Star QS Rating

Rushford has received an overall rating of 4 stars in the QS Stars rating system, with 5 stars in online learning and teaching.

UN PRME Member

PRME equips today's business students with the understanding and ability to deliver change tomorrow.

Member of Accreditation Council for Business Schools & programmes

Member of Business Graduates Association

Educational Member of International Accreditation Council for Business Education

My mentor helped me see new perspectives in solving business problems and rightly guided me all along until the completion of my programme.

Santosh Shreshta
MBA Finance

The experience, training and knowledge I gained was key to improving my personal skills and enriching my professional and training project.

Sol Vega Maria Farfan
MBA Real Est. Mgmt.

Half of my learning was a result of my mentor helping me to see the contrasts and similarities between what I was studying in class versus what happened in the real world.

Giridhara N.
MBA - Real Est. Mgmt.

I am working as joint managing director in Aquatek Sanitary Fittings Pvt Ltd. I have learnt a lot about the market flow and it helps me to understand the need of the market.

Deepak Kumar
MBA - Marketing

The contents and curriculum are at par with the global reputed universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Joining Rushford was the best decision for me.

Rohit Panish


The career outlook for graduates of the Rushford Doctor of Business Management (DBM) programme is highly promising, with diverse opportunities across various sectors. Equipped with a comprehensive skill set and a doctorate-level qualification, individuals who have successfully completed the programme can expect to thrive in a range of professional roles and leadership positions.

Executive Leadership Roles

Graduates are well-positioned to assume executive leadership roles within organizations. The advanced knowledge, strategic thinking, and research skills acquired during the DBM programme make them valuable assets for steering companies through complex challenges and driving innovation.

Management Consulting

With expertise in applied research and a deep understanding of international business, DBM graduates are sought after as management consultants. They can provide valuable insights and solutions to organizations looking to enhance efficiency, implement strategic changes, and navigate global business complexities.


The programme's emphasis on problem-solving and sustainable business practices prepares graduates for entrepreneurial ventures. They can establish and lead their own businesses, applying their knowledge to create and manage successful enterprises.

Corporate Strategy and Development

DBM graduates are well-suited for roles in corporate strategy and development. They can play a crucial role in shaping organizational growth, mergers and acquisitions, and long-term planning.

Academic and Research Positions

DBM graduates are well-suited for roles in academia and research institutions. They can contribute to the academic community by teaching, conducting research, and publishing in peer-reviewed journals. This avenue allows them to influence the next generation of business leaders.

Government and Policy Advisory Roles

The international business focus of the programme equips graduates to contribute to government agencies and policy-making bodies. They can provide valuable insights into global economic trends, trade policies, and regulatory frameworks.

Global Business Leadership

As organizations increasingly operate on a global scale, DBM graduates can take on leadership roles with a global perspective. They can manage international operations, lead cross-cultural teams, and develop strategies for global market expansion.

Nonprofit and NGO Leadership

Graduates may find fulfilling opportunities in nonprofit organizations and non-governmental agencies. Their skills in research, strategic planning, and organizational efficiency can contribute to the success of initiatives focused on social impact and sustainability.

Overall, the Rushford DBM programme opens doors to a dynamic and varied array of career paths, allowing graduates to make a meaningful impact in the business world, academia, and beyond. The programme's emphasis on practical application, research, and international business positions graduates as versatile and forward-thinking leaders in the global marketplace.


Rushford Business School is an EduQua certified business school in Switzerland. The B-school houses students from over 45 countries across its 2 campuses. Founded with a vision to truly partner with students in their learning journey, Rushford has adopted three key strategies to enable its vision: modern governance, contemporary and research-oriented education, and skill building. The school’s main language of instruction in English, with regional language taught to help integrate learners in local workforce. With its modern infrastructure, strategic campus locations and pragmatic outlook, the School is committed to build socially responsible and creative future leaders with global mindset and internationally employable future skillsets.


The admissions are purely based on merit substantiated by the transcripts of Bachelor’s and /or Master’s degree and there are no entrance exams to qualify for admissions into the DBM programme.

  • Copy of highest qualification (e.g., degree certificate)
  • Copy of transcripts/mark sheet
  • Copy of Experience Certificates as Applicable
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP) / Motivation
  • Proof of identity/citizenship, e.g., copy of passport or national ID card
  • Scanned passport size photo
  • English language test results (if applicable)

The certificate awarded only will mention the programme of study and is of the similar content and format as the certificate being awarded to the regular on campus students.

Study time differs from candidate to candidate, depending upon individual’s academic ability and learning style. As a general guide, it is recommended to provision for about 12 to 15 hours of study per week, especially in the first year which involves coursework. Students who develop an effective learning style may require less effort to complete the prescribed curriculum. In the subsequent years the effort requirement would be commensurate with the extent of research being pursued.

Candidates will be provided access to the learning management system where all relevant study materials, tests and assignments will be posted. In addition, based on the chosen programme of study there may be additional resources available.

To participate in our online learning programme, all you need is a device with an internet connection such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet. As long as you have access to the internet, you can log in to our platform from anywhere and participate in the course material at your own pace.

The programme fee includes your academic content and delivery including all live and synchronous sessions, online learning materials, videos, case studies, class exercises, simulations and assessment charges, 1:1 Thesis supervision and the 5 Days On-Campus Immersion at Paris, France.

5 days of on-campus immersion is an integral part of this programme. While the academic component including related sessions and activities are included in the programme fee, the actual travel-related expense as well as the lodging and boarding charges during your period of stay as applicable, will need to be borne by you.

You may choose to opt out of this programme and request for a refund any time before commencement vide an email. Your refund will be processed after deduction of processing charges. No refund request will be considered or processed, once the cohort commences and any amount paid will be forfeited.