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Doctorate of Business Administration
– Data Science/Business Analytics

FORMAT: Online

DURATION: 36 months



ESDST’S Doctorate of Business Administration in Data Science / Business Analytics focuses upon creating business leaders with an exceptional data-backed decision-making capabilities. The program aims at broadening mindset to review data set and recommend meaningful solutions for the given scenario.

The program involves generating awareness on every step of statistical analysis which include cleaning the data, assessing reliability and validity of the data. This program specifically prepares you on designing and execute a research methodology which is quantitative in nature to solve a real business problem.

The key distinction in our DBA in Data Science / Business Analytics is to learn from practitioners at every stage which enables you to learn a more practical approach in gathering new information, process complex data and analyse the same to suggest business solutions. The program follows a practitioner mentor – research scholar approach wherein each research scholar is assigned a mentor who is practising in the industry.


International Doctoral Degree from a Specialist School

Get an opportunity to earn a “Doctorate” in the area of Data Science or Business Analytics from a European School that specializes in this branch of technology. While Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), as a formal degree, is not offered in India, DBA is recognised globally across multiple countries and allows the use of “Dr.” as a title to your name upon successful completion of the program.

Alumni Status of an International Business School

Upon successful completion of the program, get awarded with the same DBA and gain the same Alumni status as ESDST’s regular on campus students.

2 Specialist Areas to Choose From

Candidates enrolling into the DBA program can choose to pursue their doctoral thesis in the area of Data Science or Business Analytics depending upon their individual area of interest and experience.

1:1 Guidance from Industry Mentors

Candidates of the DBA program will receive constant guidance and support by industry mentors who will guide and support you as you work through the course materials, complete the assignments and embark on your research journey. You will receive value added real-life guidance and project discussion with the industry experts who will guide you as you work through your Dissertation on solving real business problems with systematic analysis of data.

Practice Based Experiential Learning

Work on live projects with real life datasets and complex business problems. While the program keeps you updated on the latest industry trends, learn application of data analysis to deliver a solution to prevalent business problems.

5 Days On Campus Bootcamp at Paris, France

Leverage the opportunity participate in a hands-on analytics bootcamp, meet and interact with your fellow coursemates, ESDST faculty, Industry experts and also experience the beauty of Paris, France during the 5 day on campus bootcamp.


The DBA program is planned to be delivered 100% online, with all material and resources included and provided through ESDST e-campus.

The program comprises of 6 modules per year for 2 years along with the value-added seminars and the written assignments accompanying each module. The aim of these modules is to empower scholars on designing data-driven research methods and analysis which is good for the business and society at large. The taught modules contain research modules, domain-specific modules like Business Analytics or Data Science etc. and value-added seminars.

In addition to the taught modules, scholars are guided continually through five residencies starting from Year 1. The students’ residencies can be conducted offline or online depending upon the number of participants and their locations.

The writing targets for scholars to produce their research output in terms of publications, writing research proposals, carry data collection, teaching initiatives, etc. are also the main learning vehicle for the scholars. These are the tangible outcomes scholars produce and attain skills necessitated to conduct real research and corresponding recommendations for business problems.

Year 1 Year 2
Research Modules
Introduction to Academic Research Designing a quantitative research methodology
The landscape of Literature Review Quantitative Research Methodology: Data Collection and Hypothesis Testing
Research Design Report Writing
Business Analytics Modules
Business Analytics Foundation Data Warehousing and management
Predictive Analytics Methods Business Decision Making using Analytics
Programming for Analytics using R Data Visualization and Storytelling with Tableau
Scholar’s Output
Research Proposal Extensive Literature Review
Data Collection and Pilot Study
Year 3
Individual and Guided Work
Practioner Mentor – Research Scholar
Scholar’s Output
Doctoral Residency - 1
Doctoral Residency - 2
PhD Pre-Defence
PhD Defence
Personal Growth Journey (Across all Years)
  • Publication in a peer-reviewed Journal – 1 per year
  • Participation in Conference
  • Teaching and Peer-collaborative learning


  • Master’s Degree or an equivalent recognized academic title in any discipline.
  • Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent academic title in any discipline from a recognized College/University with a minimum of 3 years of relevant professional work experience.
  • English Proficiency - Medium of instruction in during school and graduation should be English


TOTAL PROGRAMME FEE – USD 8500 (INR 6.99 Lacs all Inclusive)
Call +91 81300 38548 to know more about upfront payment discounts up to USD 1200 (INR 1.00 Lac) that you may be eligible for!
Fee Includes
  • Live Sessions by Faculty, as applicable
  • 1:1 Thesis supervision
  • 5 Days Bootcamp On-Campus sessions at Paris, France
Fee Does Not Include
  • Cost of travel, lodging and boarding at Paris, France for the 5 day On-Campus Bootcamp.
Upon successfully submitting the online Application form, make a downpayment of INR 40000 / USD 480 to confirm your admission and call +91 81300 38548 to know more about potential loan/financial assistance options that you may want to consider! Avail a LIMITED TIME upfront fee discount of up to Rs.1,24,000 / USD 1500 by making balance fee payment of Rs.5,35,000 / USD 6520 within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter.


  • Make a downpayment of USD 480 (Rs.40,000) at the time of application.
  • Avail upfront fee discount of USD 1500 (Rs.1,24,000) by making balance fee payment of USD 6520 (Rs.5,35,000) within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter.
  • Pay only USD 7000 (Rs.5,75,000) instead of USD 8500 (Rs.6,99,000)
  • Make a downpayment of USD 480 (Rs.40,000) at the time of application.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter, pay balance Instalment 1 fee of USD 3770 (Rs.3,09,000).
  • Instalment 2 of the fee USD 4250 (Rs.3,50,000) will become payable in 12 months from course commencement.
  • Total payable program fee is USD 8500 (Rs.6,99,000). Upfront Payment discount will NOT apply if you choose to pay through the Instalment option.



Upon successful completion of the evaluation requirements of the program, candidates will be conferred with “Doctor of Business Administration” by ESDST.


ESDST DBA in Data Science / Business Analytics is a recognised degree which is delivered 100% online, with a possibility to visit campus for a week long bootcamp. It provides you flexibility to pursue your work and integrate learnings from your DBA immediately to solve real business problem you company might be facing. This andragogy enables you to implement the learnings and reflect critically upon business scenarios which is essential for continuous learning. The assignments and report writings are also one of the learning vehicles which help developing skill-sets such as communication skills, critical cognition, etc. imperative for one’s professional growth.

Practitioner Mentor – Research Scholar approach is specially designed to allow our scholars learn from mentors who are engaged in solving real-world business problems. You being a practitioner is studying from Professors and practitioners from around the world. This provides the best combination for reflective higher-order learning. The residency workshops allow you to consolidate your learnings in individual modules and guides you to prepare tangible outputs. The writing targets enhances your skill-set, which prepares you to be best in the industry.

Primary outcomes:
  • Scan business environment and identify data employment for making business decisions.
  • Considering environmental and ethical factors, prepare research design to analyse complex, real-world problems.
  • Develop technical communication skills to communicate the results effectively through utilizing Data Visualization Tools.
  • Cultivate values and attitudes that make participants agents of critical change and performance upliftment.
  • Comprehend information analytically through the process of research and inquiry while making effective decisions in global environment.
  • Build the positive perspectives and skills that create productive managerial leaders and business networks to create world class teams.

After completing the program, the career path will be influenced by what stage of cognition the student is. For working professional students, the positive impact of the programme happens from the first day since the student can apply the knowledge and skills right away at work. Students can target any of the following roles:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Business Analytics Manager
  • Data Manager


European School of Data Science and Technology (ESDST), aims to promote technical education and research in the domain of data science, business analytics and cutting-edge technologies. The programs at ESDST provide a distinguished advantage to the management and technical students by empowering them to utilise data and technology to solve real world problems efficiency and effectiveness. Data and Technology has become an integral part of one’s living, therefore, an appreciation of these two is imperative in all segments of human living – be it a personal or a professional life.

The programs are offered in both, online and blended mode. Students have an option to choose the mode based on their convenience. For all blended components, an online equivalent is also provided, therefore, in whatever part of the world you are living, you are able to select your programs and study with us.

We recognise both; previous degrees and previous experience amassed by the learners at all levels. It is taken into consideration at the time of admission depending upon the type and duration of the program.

Accreditations & Memberships

ESDST is a Swiss EduQua certified institution with the certification number CH23/00000103. EduQua certification is a testament to the quality of education offered by ESDST.

Many of our degrees are awarded by Ascencia Business School, France. With 5 campuses in France and multiple study centers in the middle east, Ascencia Business School is recognized by the French Ministry of Labor within the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP). It is also approved by WES and boasts of over 6500 alumni from 75 countries.

James Lind Institute (JLI) is an international educational institution with its main campus in Switzerland. We prepare our students for careers in public health, health administration, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical research, clinical sciences, agriculture, and business management. With students from over 80 countries and over 10,000 alumni across the globe, our growing global community is a testament to the excellent education and skill-building of students at JLI. We offer our students a flexible self-paced learning environment that can be customized to each student’s individual needs. Our faculty is a mix of experts in academia and industry so that students are exposed to both theoretical and practical aspects of their areas of study.

ESDST is a member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). The IACBE accredits business programs that lead to degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in institutions of higher education worldwide. All modes of delivery, campuses, locations, and instructional sites, as well as all business programs regardless of degree level, will normally be included in the IACBE accreditation review.

ESDST’s parent institution, Rushford Business School is a member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) which is a global accrediting body that accredits business programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree levels worldwide since 1988. Rushford Business School is part of a membership that extends to more than 60 countries. ACBSP members are amongst the best educators in their respective fields, interested in learning innovative teaching methods, improving the delivery of business education programs, and creative value for their students.