Most frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may check before getting started

Different programmes offered by VHE may have different delivery modes depending upon the structure of the individual course. Some of them may be fully online and others may be a blend of synchronous classes, asynchronous content as face to face sessions at Institute campus or other locations as specified. Details of mode of programme delivery for each course is specified in the individual course pages.

Duration of certificate courses or executive development programmes offered through premier institutes could vary from 6 to 12 months with typically 3 to 6 hours of online classes per week. Degree programmes like the Online MBA offered by IIMs would be a 2 year course with about 10-12 hours of online classes per week. 

Indian premier Institutes are Veranda HigherEd’s valued academic partners and each of the programme offered by these Institutes are carefully curated keeping in mind the needs of the individual learner as well as the prevalent skill demands of the industry. 

Depending upon the nature of association, Veranda HigherEd (VHE) may be responsible to manage all aspects related to admissions, coordination and student relations and support across courses offered through VHE. Additionally, VHE may also partner with Industry bodies to offer individualized career support services, memberships of international societies or functional bodies and mentorship from industry players or even conduct workshops and events as might be relevant to the individual course being offered to a learner. 

Participants completing a particular programme may receive a certificate of completion or participation – as applicable – from the respective Institute offering the programme. Please refer to the specific programme page to view a sample certificate likely to be offered for that programme. 

Upon successful completion of any programme offered through VHE, participants will automatically become a part of the VHE Alumni network and will be privy to communications, events and any related benefits attributable to being a part of the VHE network. 


Additionally, depending upon structure of the specific programme that a participant completes, he/she may or may not be offered Alumni status of the respective academic Institute offering the programme. Specifics on which programme offers which type of alumni status is mentioned in the individual programme page. If the course page of a programme does not specifically mention that Alumni status will be offered, then it means that that there will be NO Alumni status offered by the Institute for that particular programme. 

Please speak to our Program Advisor/Admission Manager who will be able to guide you on the programme that best suits your career needs. Our Admission Manager will do a preliminary eligibility check that may include initial scrutiny against specified eligibility criteria like educational qualifications, years of experience, details of current employment and proficiency in English amongst others. Once eligibility has been established, our Admission Manager will guide you through the reminder of the application process. 

You can email the Admissions Office at admissions@verandahighered.com or call your Program Advisor or Admissions Manager.

Yes, Veranda HigherEd (VHE) has tied up with a number of financial service providers. Should you require any assistance with financial loans, our Program Advisor/Admission Manager will be happy to support you with the guidelines for the same. However, the decision to grant the loan will depend on the adequacy of documents submitted and will be at the sole discretion of the respective financing agency/bank. 


The loan itself will be based on a mutual agreement exclusively between you and the financing agency/bank and VHE will have no role whatsoever in this financing arrangement between the two parties. In order to proceed with the loan, you will need to complete your online registration with VHE, pay the specified down payment and share the necessary documents for validations. Once the loan is approved, you will be required to complete the necessary KYC submissions post which the loan amount will be credited towards the payable programme fees.

Yes, if your credit or debit card has a payment through EMI option enabled, you can choose an EMI option at the time of paying through your credit or debit card. We also have other financing options offered through other financial service providers that you may wish to consider. For more information, reach out to our Program Advisor/ Admissions Manager.

Refund policy is specific to each programme and is governed by policies of the Institute offering that programme. Please refer to the FAQs in the individual programme page for the refund policy that applies to that specific programme. Generic refund policies pertaining to VHE can be viewed from the Refund Policy link on our Homepage.

VHE, in partnership with an Institute, where applicable, reserves the right to cancel courses at any time owing to reasons like insufficient enrolments, trainer indisposition, pandemic related or force majeure events. In the event that VHE or the Institute cancels a scheduled course, the participant will receive full fee refund for the same. All refunds (where fee payments were earlier remitted to VHE) in such cases, will be processed within 30 days from intimation of refund approvals by VHE.

No, in the normal course, we do not encourage transfers to subsequent batches as it impacts your learning and career goals. Additionally, batches are monitored by the institute and are run as per their standards. However, in exceptional & compelling circumstances, you may raise your concern and transfer request with your Student Relationship Manager (SRM) who will present your case to the Institute for approval. 


You will be eligible to transfer to a subsequent batch if and only if the request is explicitly approved by the Institute(s). Do note that such batch transfer requests typically, needs to be made at least 21 days prior to the commencement of the programme.

In the event that your transfer request to a subsequent batch is approved, any amount paid by you within the current financial year shall be considered as advance payment towards the next batch. However, you will be required to pay the following additional charges:


  • A Batch Transfer fee as specified for the specific programme 
  • Differential amount of fees if there is a difference in the program fee between the 2 batches
  • Actual costs for tools/simulations/licences or learning materials – as determined by the Institute.
  • If the batch transfer request is approved more than one financial year apart, only the base fee paid will be considered as advance payment towards the next batch. The tax component will not be adjusted towards the applicable for the current batch you are being transferred to.

In order to optimise your online learning experience, we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop with basic specifications. However, if your course includes interactive online synchronous session, then we recommend that you have the following:

  • Internet speed of 1 Mbps minimum (preferable wired connection).
  • Supporting OS – Window 7, Window 8, Widows 10, Safari & Mac OS.
  • Recommended Browser – Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Recommended Device – Laptop or Desktop (Avoid using Mobile or Ipad)
  • Functional web cam, microphone and speaker enabled on your laptop/desktop
  • Latest Adobe flash player should be installed in your system.

Once your admission to a programme is confirmed, a dedicated Student Relationship Manager (SRM) will be assigned to you and you may direct all your queries and questions related to the content and delivery to you assigned SRM. Alternately, since the classes are all live and virtual, you will also have the opportunity to raise your academics related questions and doubts with the faculty either real time during the class or offline through our LMS. 

Any queries you have regarding the programme or the admission process may be directed to our Admissions team. Once your enrolment to a programme is confirmed, a dedicated Student Relationship Manager (SRM) will be assigned to you and you may raise all subsequent queries and clarifications with the assigned SRM.

If you have any serious issue or complaint that is not related to the programme you are enrolled in, please write to us at grievance@verandahighered.com. If you face any issues with the Application, Site or Services, please contact us at customercare@verandahighered.com on Monday to Saturday between 10 AM IST and 6 PM IST.